Hair transplants can be done by plastic surgeons or dermatologists to restore the loss of hair. Pattern baldness, which is the most common reason for hair loss is the most frequent.

Genetics can affect the process. The process may also influence other causes.

Nutrition Anxiety


Hormonal imbalance

Health conditions

Turkey is home to many highly rated doctors and specialists that offer hair transplants.

Who is the one who would most likely to benefit from a hair transplant?

Hair transplants can help you appear younger, and also boost confidence in yourself.

Male pattern baldness among men

Hair loss can be an issue for women with shorter hair.

Anyone who has suffered severe scalp injuries to the scalp.

What are the outcomes of hair transplants?

Hair transplants are more effective than other hair restoration products.

Transplanted hairs may take between four and six months to achieve full growth.

Transplanted hair is less dense as time passes, just like regular hair.

Hair transplants might not seem attractive to all. Hair transplants are an excellent option for people who want to repair their hair after an injury or illness.

It is possible to have your hair transferred using your existing hair. This isn't a possibility for people who do not already have hair.

It's possible.

Common is baldness.

Hair loss caused by chemotherapy or other medications

A scalp injury can result in hair loss.

What is the price of the cost of a hair transplant?

Cost of hair-transplants procedure in Turkey is contingent on the duration of the procedure. The final price for an average hair transplant cost is $1,500.

The decision to make is influenced by numerous variables.

Transplantation options are available in your area

There are many surgeons within the area.

Highly skilled surgeons

The procedure of surgery

Hair transplants aren't insured by the insurance. Hair transplants can incur an additional cost for aftercare.

Transplants are surgery to remove hair.

In the average, a hair transplant can take between four and eight hours. It is possible to return to your previous state

In a matter of hours, your family could end up in hospital.

Anesthesia is a method of numbing the scalp. In order to help patients relax an sedative, a mild one could be prescribed.

Follow the steps.

Dermatologists take healthy hair off first. A dermatologist could be able provide hair with a natural appearance.

Hairs are a must.

The second method causes obvious, but not terribly visible scarring of the scalp. This is a longer-lasting alternative.

It is a great option for those who prefer to be able to have their hair styled in a buzz or close-shaven cut hairstyle.

Before the surgeon is able to remove hair, doctors must first prepare the scalp.

A team of hair transplants can comprise as much as three persons. They will put healthy hair wherever they are needed.

They are vital. After all transplants have been removed, you'll get wrapped and provided with information regarding.

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